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Employee Self Service

When was the last time you used your desktop to skim through the social media feeds or shop for your favorite product online? As of date, there are over a billion subscribers of mobile in Indian landscape, inspiring disruptions in the B2B enterprise solutions to go mobile first. An evolved mobile first HRMS comes handy with not just Employee Self Service but a fully functional solution for HR and solution for managers to enable ease of access for every stakeholder!

Mobile Apps

The non existence of the HRMS System in the earlier times saw dependency of employees on the HRs for basic queries like salary slips, tax breakups, submission of attendance sheets via emails etc resulting in unanswered questions and lack of employee satisfaction. HRMS caters to its key stakeholders- the employees with an easy to use Employee Self Service where employees can punch in their attendance, raise leave requests, lodge a query in the helpdesk and perform many other crucial day to day functions.


 How do you ascertain your workforce performance and that your people are performing to the best of their capabilities? Modern HRMS knits every action taken on the Performance Management Software into a data point and collectively represents these data points as insights via a combination of dashboards. As a Ceo, you can now take a quick sneak peek into workforce attrition rate, average workforce costs, your net liabilities, top performers of the organization department wise and much more exclusive decision worthy analytics

An All Round HRMS Consists Of The Following

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